The festival of diwali is not only the biggest festival for Hindu but also it is significant part for Sikh people. So deepavali is the five days festival for Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. It is the festival of light which is celebrated in all over the world by Sikh people. Some of the major festivals are in Sikh religion are:

1)      Baishakhi (Vaishkhi)

2)      Diwali

3)      Holla Mohalla

Baishakhi is the New Year festival in Sikh religion, on this day khalsa was created by Guru Gobind ji.

Diwali is the festival of lights in Sikh religion also; it is celebrated by Sikh because on this day Guru Hargobind reached at Amritsar after the freedom from jail with other 52 prisons. On this day Golden temple of Amritsar lights up in the joy of Guru Hargobind ji.

Holla Mohalla is the festival of Sikh started by the Guru Gobind Singh for the purpose of gathering of Sikh people and for the mock battle. On this day Sikh people organize many competitions.

All of these are the major festival of Sikh religion related to the festival of Diwali, and thus diwali is the festival of joy and happiness with the brightness of future of people.

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