Sita Navami is a celebration of a day the birth day of Mother Sita. Mother Sita was the wife of lord Rama. As like the Ramnavami a birth day celebration of lord Rama people observes a fast on the day of Sita Navami. It is the day which is most important among the married women in India. Devi Sita is an idol for the women of Hindu Religion.

Married women worship both lord Rama and Devi Sita on that day for their peace and happiness in life. Married women worship Devi Sita for the long life of their husband and for their prosperity with a wealthy life. Sita Devi had born as on ninth day of Shukla Paksh of the month of Vaishakha and then Sita Navami is observed by devotees.

Fast On Jaanki Navami Festival :

Janki Navami Fast has an importance among the people from Hindu religion. On that day people made a Mandap based on four pillars and than they placed both lord Rama and Devi Janki. They worship during the time of Janki Navami with observing the fast. They sang the Janki Strotam and the Mangal Gaan on that day to perform the ritual acts and devotional thoughts. This is the most important among the people to observe a fast of Janki Navami during the festival.

Janki Navami In 2012 :

It is the time of happiness and peace among the married women who worship goddess Sita and lord Rama for a desire of long life of their husbands. They observe fast on that day and engages to perform the ritual acts like charity, donation of wealth and cloths, help to needy or poor etc.

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