Sitabari Fair celebrated near the village kelwara in Baran District. Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, was left by Lakshman here to serve the period of her banishment. He also shot an arrow from where a stream of clear water sprouted for Sita. The stream still exists and is called ‘Lakshman Babhuka’.

It is believed that clean and fresh waters of these sacred ‘kunds’ (tanks) have curative powers. Hundreds of devotees come there to take a dip in holly kund for them purify their body and soul. people known as a suraj kund, It is surrounded by verandahs on all sides.

In one side of the kund, the ‘Linga’ of Lord Shiva is placed. The other two Kunds are the Sita Kund and the Bharat Kund. Many people who find themselves unable to go to the River Ganges, immerse the ashes of their dead in this kund.

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