‘Vallamkali’ of Kerala:

Snake boat race is one of the unique magnets of Kerala the God’s own country other than the elephant parade.Several competitions are also held for the boat race and it exhibits their integration, unity and amity among g the people. The people are quite excited to see the race too and it can be told as the event which brings out the backwaters alive.

Mostly the snake boat races are conducted during the month of August /September at the Onam time. Long snake boats as well as much smaller crafts, all participate in the events and these snake boat races are followed by parades which are quite colorful.

Snake boat is usually carried out by helmsmen four in number ,about 125-150 oarsmen along with some 25 singers who will sing the song throughout the way which is called ‘vanchipattu’, so that it will motivate the oarsmen to do the ride faster .According to the fast rhythm, the boat will also move fast or vice versa. Audiences will motivate them by shouting and clapping at the edge of the water ridge and cheer them up and the legends are linked with the rustic people who had some superstitions.

The most common boat race is the one which is conducted in the Champakulam Lake, Ambalappuzha in ‘Midhuna masa’, a Malayalam month. According to the legend, Maharaja Devanarayana built a temple, in order to bring the Lord Krishna out there and the boats surrounded the whole area around the idol Krishna along with parasols which are colorful.

Another one is Aranmula boat race which will have ‘thiruvonacilavu thoni’, a boat used for particular day of Onam to give offerings to god .Another one is ‘Payippad jalolsavam’, which is held in Haripad in connection with Subramanyaswamy temple, which will direct to kayamkulam lake.

Nehru trophy race is conducted in Alappuzha district of Kerala which will have several ‘chundan vallam’ (long boat) along with other smaller crafts like churulan, odi etc and there are even races for women and the venue takes place in Punnamada lake.

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