Snowman Crafts For Christmas :

Christmas is the celebration of fun, joy and gifting. Presenting crafts of symbolic things of Christmas in festive sessio0n is main customs of Christmas celebration. Snow is the symbolic atmosphere on Christmas. Snowman crafts are very popular on Christmas to preset other.

To prepare this craft we need some special things like white papers, markers, buttons, fabric etc. to build a snowman we have to follow the instruction.

1. Cut down the white paper in figure of a man. Make clothes of man by cutting fabrics properly.

2. Use black buttons for eyes and red one for nose. Prepare a hat by black colored paper.

3. Fold the paper to figure out into body of a man.

4. Use marker to draw the parts of the body. Hands and lags can be prepared by same white paper and attach with the body figure.

5. A red ribbon could be used to tie up in neck of the Snowman.

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