Dasara is the celebration of the victory of Lord Ram over demon king Ravana. Dasara also known as vijaydashmi is tenth day of Ashwin month of bright fortnight. It is next day of Navratra (9 day celebration of Goddess Durga). Dasara stands for ten days.

Story Behind Dasara Festival of India:

Means on this day Lord Ram (an incarnation of lord Vishnu) defeat demon king Ravana after 10 days battle. Demon Ravana kidnapped Ram’s Wife Devi Sita when she was alone at her home. Lord Ram with his brother Laxman, Follower Hanuman and army of monkeys fight with demon king of Shri Lanka (a country of Asia Pacific) and kill him on this day. So this day is also called Vijaydashmi – tenth day of Victory.

Celebration of Dasara is very often in across the country. It is celebrated at large and small scale in each and every part if India. Statue of demon Ravana, his brother Kumbhakaran and Son Maignad is prepared by hard Paper and wooden sticks. These are establishes open place away from the peoples houses. Much more firecrackers are used and fixed in these statues. Demon Ravana had ten heads.

So Demon Ravana’s is designed and make with ten heads. At night persons dressed like Ram, Laxman, Sita, Hanuman and Army of Monkeys come to that place by walk or on Open Vehicle. Ram and Laxman Shoots arrows of fire at the statue of these demon’s. Due to paper and wooden sticks these are fired and firecrackers make this movement so special and exited.

Much more crowed could be seen at that place. Faire is also arranged at many places with fun, eat, Dance and enjoyment. At some places act of Ram’s life called “Ram-Leela” is play by showing each and every movements of his life. This day is also for worshiping weapons. Arjun –one of pandva’s hid his weapons near shami tree before going into forest. After one year he come back, retrieved his weapons and worship then on the day

of Dasara. Kota – a District and city of rajasthan, celebrates grand ever faire of Dasara. People should visit this place to get best to view and enjoy Dasara festival.

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