Raksha Bandhan is the one of the most important and famous festival of the Hindu religion. It is celebrated in the ‘Shravan mas as Hindu calendar’. Related to this ‘parva’, we have listened a story of king Bali and goddess Lakshmi. It gives us a message of love, kindness, trust and loyalty.

Story of Goddess Lakshmi and King Bali:

King Bali, grandson of Prahalad, was a true devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was a very generous person but lord Indra was very upset about the powers and progress of King Bali. Indra had prayed lord Vishnu to kill the Bali. So, Vishnu took a form of ‘Vamana’ and came to the earth. Lord Vishnu went to the Bali and request that I want three steps of land as donation.

King Bali agreed and said to Vamana to cover three steps of land. Vamana took a avatar of lord Vishnu and cover all universe in two steps and last step Vishnu put on Bali’s head as a result Bali went in the nether land. After that goddess laxmi took an avatar of Brahmin and came on the earth.

She said to Bali that her husband has gone away and she wants a place for shelter. King Bali hearty except her proposal as a sister. As a result King Bali suddenly grows up with joy and happiness.

Basically, this story tells us the importance of this festival. It built a relation of true faith between a brother and sister. From that time

Raksha Bandhan Parva is celebrating in India.

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