In south India Diwali known as a name of Deepawali due to it is celebrated as an occasion of victory of Lord Krishna over demon Narakasura. The day is also called as Narakachaturdashi. The story of killing Narakasura comes from the Treta Yug. This was the era of Lord Krishna. The story behind Narakasura has so much interesting elements. According to our mythological books Narakasura was the son of the earth.

Narakasura Killing :

Narakasura terrorized the people living all three worlds. Lord Krishna was killed Narakasura with the help of his wife satyabhama. After killing Narakasura, Lord Krishna takes a bath of oil to remove blood spread over his body. After Narakasura’s killing people celebrated the day of Diwali as a festival. It is a day of victory of righteousness over evil.

The day of Diwali is also celebrated as a return of Lord Rama after killing the demon Rawana. In north India it is celebrated as a festival of lights and prosperity. At this time people enjoy it with many kinds of rituals activities. People make rangoli in front of their houses for welcoming of goddess laxmi. People decorated their houses with candles,

lamps and other lighting items. People play a game of gambling for good fortune. All members of a family celebrate it Laxmi poojan and firecracker.

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