According to Hindu mythology Sugreeva was the son of Sun God and a younger brother of Bali, who was the son of Lord Indra. Both Sugreeva and Bali had a mother called Aruni. In Ramayana it has been mentioned that Sugreeva played a major part in helping Lord Rama rescue his wife Sita and defeating Ravana and his army.

Sugreeva in Ramayana :

Sugreeva and Bali as brothers were very close to each other. Bali was the king of Vanaras and ruled the kingdom of Kishkindha. One day a rakshasa challenged Bali for a fight. Bali accepted his challenge but soon the rakshasa became afraid of Bali and ran away into a deep cave. Bali told Sugreeva to guard the cave and then went for the pursuit of rakshasa. Sugreeva stood there waiting for his brother to come out, but he heard the roar of the rakshasa and soon blood started to ooze out from the mouth of cave. Sugreeva came to a conclusion that his brother has been killed by the demon and with a heavy heart closed the mouth of cave by a huge boulder. He returned back to the kingdom and then took charge of it as the ruler.

Bali finally killed the demon in cave and returned back to his kingdom, but was filled with rage and anger once he saw his brother Sugreeva acting as the king of Kishkindha. He came to a conclusion that his brother has betrayed him. Sugreeva tried to explain everything to his brother, but Bali was in no position to listen to his brother. He immediately banished him from the kingdom and since then the two brothers became sworn enemies.

Sugreeva came to meet Lord Rama and joined him in his search for Sita. Lord Rama promised him that he will kill Bali and help Sugreeva to get back his kingdom. Lord Rama fulfilled his promise to Sugreeva and finally he was anointed as the king of Kishkindha.

Sugreeva in return of this favor by Lord Rama helped him in the battle with Ravana, in which Lord Rama came out victorious and finally Sita was rescued.

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