Sugriva has been described in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana as the younger brother of Bali. Sugriva succeeded Bali as the ruler of Vanara (monkey) Kingdom known as Kishkindha. He was the son of Surya and had a wife known as Ruma. Sugriva played a remarkable role in Ramayana by helping Lord Rama in his quest to rescue his wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Lanka.

Sugriva the younger brother of bali :

According to the mythology, Bali was the ruler of Kishkindha. One day a rakshasa (demon) came to the gates of his kingdom and challenged him for a fight. Bali accepted his challenge, but when Bali charged towards the demon to fight him, the demon got scared and fled into a deep cave. Bali asked Sugriva to wait outside the cave and he went into the cave in pursuit of the demon. Sugriva heard demonic shouts from the cave and saw blood oozing from the mouth of cave.

Sugriva came into a conclusion that his brother has been killed and with a heavy heart he closed the opening of the cave with a heavy boulder. He returned back to the kingdom and assumed kingship. Bali finally killed the demon in cave and returned back to his kingdom, but he became filled with anger when he saw his brother acting as the king. Bali concluded that Sugriva had betrayed him. Sugriva tried to explain the truth to his brother, but Bali didn’t listen to him. Sugriva was banished from the kingdom and Bali forcibly took his wife Ruma.

While Lord Rama was on his journey to rescue Sita, he came to meet Sugriva, to whom he promised that he will kill Bali and will reinstate Sugriva as the king of Vanaras. In return for this favor, Sugriva promised to help Rama with his army. Sugriva challenged

Bali for a duel and soon both of them engaged in a fight. Rama was unable to distinguish between Sugriva and Bali, but soon Hanuman stepped forward and on Sugriva’s neck placed a garland of flowers. Rama shot an arrow towards Bali and killed him. Sugriva reclaimed his kingdom and took back his wife.  

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