Surdas was one of the great poets of the history of Indian religion. Surdas Jayanti is the birth celebration of a blind poet and a great saint who always create very religious devotional songs and poetry about the life of lord Krishna. Saint Surdas was created a holy book named Sursager which is a very melodious collection of poetry.

He sang various devotional songs are very simple to sings and to understand by any body. He tried to teaching of religious things in front of listeners. According to Indian postage stamp he was born in 1479 AD and died in year of 1586.

There is a legend behind the great poet Surdas. Once Surdas instructed by lord Krishna in his dream. Lord Krishna said to him that he have to visit the Vrindavan. Surdas followed the instruction of Supreme Power.

In Vrindavan he found a great Guru Shri Vallabhacharya who was a devotee of lord Krishna. There he started to sing devotional song of the Supreme Power. He became famous there and it heard by Mughal Emperor Akber who became him as a member of his court.

Surdas Jayanti in 2012: 

Surdas was one of the greatest poets of the history of India. He performed religious devotional songs of lord Krishna. There is a gorgeous celebration of Surdas Jayanti each year.

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