Surpanakha was the sister of Ravana, the king of Lanka. Surpanakha in Sanskrit means the lady with sharp nails. She was the youngest child of Sage Vishrava and Kaikesi. She was married to Asura named Dushtabuddhi. Dushtabuddhi was a privileged member of Ravana’s court, but he was plotting against Ravana, his brother-in-law. When Ravana came to know about it he got Dushtabudhi killed.

Story of Surpanakha In Ramayana :

According to the Hindu mythology, Surpanakha saw Lord Rama in Panchavati forest and at that instant she fell in love with him. She took a form of a beautiful woman and approached Lord Rama and bowed low to touch his feet. She told him that she was the daughter of Brahma’s grandson. Surpanakha asked Lord rama to marry her. Lord Rama told her that he is already married and is loyal to one wife only. He told her to approach Lakshmana.

Then Surpanakha approached Lakshmana and asked him to marry her, but Lakshmana refused to marry her. This angered Surpanakha and she made insulting and abusive remark about Sita. Hearing this Lakshmana became angry and in a rage cut off Surpanakha’s ears and nose. After this incident Surpanakha wanted to take revenge. So she along with her brothers Khara and Duhana returned to the forest.

Both her brothers engaged in a battle with Lord Rama and Lakshmana, but both Khara and Dushana were killed in this battle. Surpanakha returned to Lanka and told Ravana about it and pleaded him to avenge her insult. She told her brother Ravana about the

beauty of Sita and told him to abduct her and marry her by force. And this is how Ravana managed to abduct Sita, which resulted into a war between Ravana and Lord Rama. Lord Rama emerged victorious in this war by finally killing Ravana and rescuing Sita.

Surpanakha with her sister Kumbini are believed to have perished at sea. Valmiki describes Surpanakha as an ugly woman, but Tamil poet Kamban describes her as a very beautiful woman.

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