(Sun) Suriyanaar Koil Temple In Tamilnadu:

Surya Bhagwan of lord Sun is one of the great powers of universe. According to Hindu religion the lord Sun is a most wonderful power house of radiance or exhausting energy. It is a source of light. In Hindu religion from the ancient time it is believed that lord sun is a form of Supreme Power.

According to great Hindu epic Ramayana and Mahabharata lord Sun is one of the most worshiped deity of universe. There are several temples in all around the India. Lord Sun is not only worship by Hindu but also respected by other religion. Lord Sun is also known as a name of lord Aditya. In Hindu Vedas Surya is an initial deity to be worship before beginning of day.

There is a beautiful temple of Surya Bhagwan in the state Tamil Nadu. This temple located at Suiyanaar Koil in this state. This temple one of most beautiful temple of lord Sun in India. People from various places toured this temple to worship lord Surya. This temple is also famous among foreigners. This temple is one of the Navgraha temples of planate. This temple is also known as Surayanarayan Temple. It is believed that lord sun has the power to control one’s life.

During festival time this temple adorned very beautifully. This time of festival devotee enjoys various devotional programs. They played devotional songs and dances during festive occasion in this temple. They worship lord Sun in early of the morning each of day. Devotee donates money for the temple and for poor on festive time.

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