Surya Grahan 2011 Solar Eclipse :

Surya Grahan or solar eclipse in 2011 is completed as on 4th January. This is one of a great event of universe. This is a process of universal changes in space. In year of 2011 there is a partial solar eclipse had done. This surya grahan astrologically effect people according to prediction of astrologers.

Surya grahan of 2011 effect some people so badly, some people by medium level and affect some people with good results. This surya grahan of 2011 is a partial solar eclipse and it visible in Middle East, North Africa, Europe and central Asia. It is also visible in Indian western parts with Pakistan.

Each of part of world views this surya grahan on various times. It is visible in Northern Sweden with greatest eclipse at 08.50 UT. In India it is visible as per Indian standard time at 2.37 pm in afternoon. This solar eclipse visible greatest on the time of 4.17 pm. This is a timing of solar eclipse as on 4th January, 2011. This may be bringing good result for India.

Surya Grahan is an auspicious changing of one sing to another sign. This is a process of astrology and has a good effect on universe. Sun is a lord in India and each act of sun affects the people according to Hindu religion. So people believe so much on Surya Grahan.

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