Surya Shasti or Shasti Vratam is one of the main vrat that’s kept by Hindu people. This vrat is actually dedicated to god Kartikeya (Son of Lord Shiva) who is also known as Murugan, skanda, kanda or subrahmanyam. There is two surya Shasti in a month, the 6th day of Sukla and Krishna paksha. But 6th day of growing moon (sukla paksha) is observed as fast of surya Shasti.

Sashti Vratam:

People keep fast on this day and break on next day morning after Suryadev pooja. Some people keep partial fast and take vegetarian light food or fasting things like fruit or juice having problem of hard work, health and others. They wake up in early morning, take holy bath and goes to the temple of god Muruga.

People in Kerala take boiled rice of god Muruga temple without any supporting dish after pooja at temple. Non vegetarian food totally avoided on this day. Devotees listens the stories of god skanda from skanda purana. It describes the speciality and importance of this vrat. They get blessings of god Muruga or Kartikeya for better health and energetic life.

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