Symbols of Buddhism :

There are many Symbols of Buddhism that may be considered by the people who follow this traditions and culture. There are many symbols of Buddhism that are also present in Hinduism but they have a different meaning for the same symbols. It is believed that Buddha did not like to use his image as a symbol. There is a mention of this fact in the scriptures where it is also mentioned that occasionally Buddha used symbols such as Wheel of Life to illustrate his teachings to his disciples.

Though Buddha lived in the sixth century BC, there are no Buddhist artifacts that are known to exist before third century BC. The archaeological evidences that portray Buddhism include the ornamental stone carvings. These stone carvings are a part of times when King Ashoka ruled the country as he had converted to Buddhism and took to spreading the religion in different parts of the world.

Buddhism Symbols

Buddhism Symbols

There are some Buddhist monasteries made of rock. These rocks have beautiful artwork that has withstood the rough weather conditions and numerous attacks over the centuries.

As Buddha was against using is image as a symbol of Buddhism, in early art symbol like Bodhi tree, eight-spoke wheel, empty throne and footprints of Buddha were used to symbolize Buddhism. These symbols of Buddhism are used till date by the Buddhist people across the world. The eight-spoke wheel is a symbol of dharma and is also known as the Dharamchakra.

The eight spokes in the wheel is the eight fold path of noble life while the three swirling segments in the centre represent Buddha, Sangha, and the Dharma. The three swirling segments may also represent three important aspects of Buddhism that is the discipline, wisdom, and concentration. Bodhi tree is the tree where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and therefore this tree is very sacred to the Buddhist people even today.

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