Akshaya tritiya or Akshaya Trutiya Festival is a very well known festival and popular festival of Jain peoples of India. Akshya tritiya festival is celebrate on the third month of the vaishakha (Vaishakha sud teez or 3). or we can say it as Akshaya tritiya festival falls on the third day of the bright fortnight of Vaishakh on each year.

Akshaya Trutiya Festival :

The Bhagwan Rishabdev performed the Parana (completion of an austerity) on the day of akshya tritiya after fasting for one year continuously. Many people perform the austerity of Varsity complete the austerity on this day by taking sugar cane juice in the cool shadow of Shatrunjay. Akshaya tritiya festival is observed in April month in each year. On the day of Akshya tritiya sugar-cane juice is mostly offered to those person who have observed various types of fasts and vartas through out the year.

On the day of the relatives of the participants go to a nearby shop of sugarcane crusher, wash the press with boiled water and collect the juice in earthen pots. They bring the juice to the temple and offer to the participant’s 108 small cups full of this juice. After observing this ritual the participants normally take a vow that for the rest of their lives they will not drink unboiled water. Akshaya tritiya festival is celebrated on the day hindu (more…)

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