This Amaranath yatra can be held every year during the month July-august. Amarnath yatra is organised by the Jammu & Kashmir State Government during the month of July and August. The publication of this journey is published in month of June and Pilgrims could do this registration from the local state government of Jammu & Kashmir seeking the pilgrims to register themselves.

Thousands of people go to this holy amarnath yatra. During the Hindi month of shravan (July – August) Pilgrims goes this holy yatra of amarnath. Amaranth yatra is most sacred for the Indian Hindu people. There is big mountain and difficulties way and the weather is so could but people believe that god gives them special physical energy and by this people can go to the mountain and the tough way during this journey of amarnath yatra.

There is big formed naturally ice shiv linga. The ice shiva linga situated in big holy cave. The darshan at holy cave opens in July august. There is an formed naturally ice shiva-linga here that changes size with the weather, and also as the moon waxes and wanes it becomes bigger and smaller.

During the months of July and august the ice can make a special shivalinga which have height about six feet. and when the shiva linga got the full height then people celebrates festival in cave of amarnath and the shiva linga people known as amarnath yatra. The holy cave of amarnath is situated at 14000 feet above sea level. The biggest figure is regarded as Siva (Amarnath). On the left side of the holy linga is an ice formation called lord Ganesh, and on the right side is one of goddess Parvati and lord Bhairava.

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Many people completes Amarnath holy Yatra By Helicopter. This facility
is given by government and other private tourism company In India. this
facility of Amarnath Yatra By Helicopter is a best serves for those people who are unable to go there by the road or the train way. peoples who are handicap or having other physical problem can also go there at holy amarnath cave by that Helicopter which are provided there by government or the other private tourism company.

The charges of Helicopter for Holy Amarnath cave Yatra are high but if we watch at the service on that hilly place it is not so expensive. by this specially they people also visit amaranth who are unable to go by way.

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