Utsav at Amba Ji Temple India :

Amba ji is one of the most beautiful religious locations in India. Ambaji temple is a place of worship of the mother divinity Amba. This holy place is one of religious and a chief Shakti peeth of India. It is located at a detachment of at least 60 km from Palanpur and approximately 40 km from Mount Abu

the hill station of Rajasthan. It located near both the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan. There is a Regular bus military from parts of the state of Gujarat to Ambaji shrine is offered by Gujarat state road transport corporation The temple is drawing many pilgrims from all over the planet. The temple is very famous and is of extensive significance to Hindus.

The Bhadrapad fair is one of the biggest ritual fair of India held in the middle of the Ambaji Township just outside the temple location. The village is visited by the biggest number of citizens belongs to the various parts of India during the fair. Some of the people among them go there on foot. This Utsav of Ambaji comes after the season of monsoon, when the scenery is wealthy with vegetation, rivers are full of dazzling water and the air is clean. This is the time for appropriate conditions of harvesting.

This is the festival or religious fairs of Ambaji which is a location for devotees to worship to the mother goddess for their batter fortune and for good things in their life.

  • Ambaji Bhadrapada Mela In Year 2013: 19 Sep 2013 


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