Asalha puja is a one of the most holy festival of Buddhists people. Asalha puja also known as a ‘Dhamma Day’. Asalha puja festival is celebrated in the memory of Lord Buddha’s first lecture. After the discovery of four noble truths and enlightenment, Buddha gave his first lecture to his five earlier associates. Name of the Buddha’s five associates were- Kondanna, Vappa, Bhaddiya, Mahanama and Assaji. Buddha starts to teach people the lesson of enlightenment with his associates.

Lord Mahatma Buddha’s first sermon is called “Dhamma chakra sutta” or “the wheel of Dharma”. Buddha taught to people about four Aryan truths of life. Four Aryan truths are given below-

1. There are suffers
2. cause of sorrow
3. Craving
4. To save from suffer

Lord Buddha also established two ‘Pitaka’ of Buddha religion. Two pitaka names are :-
1). Sutta Pitaka
2). Vinaya Pitaka

On asalha puja day people goes to their local temples to make value and practice dharma.

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