Geeta Jayanti is a day when a holy book of Hindu religion came in appearance of world called or named as Geeta. Geeta is not only a holy book but also a truth of life. Gita is came in appearance before approximately 5000 years ago, the time of a great epic of India called Mahabharata.

In Mahabharata lord Krishna given ‘Updesh of Geeta’ for human beings of entire world. Lord Krishna did this by making a disciple Arjun. Krishna instructed to Arjun by speaking of those truth of living beings and other non living things in whole university. This was done in a battlefield of Krukshetra which is in Haryana, India at present time.

Geeta is realized by the mouth of lord Krishna to Arjun but it was narrated by Sanjay who was the transpired of this battlefield of Kurukshetra of Mahabharata. He explained all the things of this battlefield of Kurukshetra to a blind King Dhratrastra, the father of Duryodhan.  Sanjay was given a blessing from his Guru named Vyasadev to remotely view all the events which are doing or appearing at other place. This book is written by other third person.

Geeta Jayanti Celebration :

Geeta is a holy book of Hindu religion. This is a picture of things of religion. This is not a book which is created by a human being it is a narration of words came from the mouth of lord Krishna the supreme power of world. Geeta Jayanti celebrated each of the years in India by making of various religious acts in houses, temples, or other social and religious places. During that time people also observe ritual fast.

Geeta Jayanti in 2011: 6th of December

Geeta Jayanti observe each of the year on the eleventh day of waxing phase of moon in month of Margaseersha of Hindu calendar. In year 2011 Geeta Jayanti will be celebrated on 6th December.

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