There are many festivals of India which can be celebrated around our country. India is a land of celebration and it is said that every day is a celebration in India. it is possible that somewhere on every day can be celebrated as a festival.

Many fairs and local rural Mela are also attractive celebration. there are many famous fairs in India like Kumbh Fair, Nagaur Pashu Mela and kota dussehra Mela etc. Diwali, Eid, Christmas or Lohri all festivals are celebrated here in India with with a big prosperity. some of famous festivals are listed here as a religion wise categorized list which can be celebrated across country with a great charm and happiness every year.

Category Wise List of Famous Festivals of India –

Hindu Festivals

Islamic Festivals

Christian Festivals

Sikh Festivals

Jain Festivals

Buddha Festivals

Bahai Festivals

Zoroastarian Festivals

Other Festivals

Famous Holidays In India

Famous Fairs of India

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This festival is very popular and well known festival which can be celebrated across in India. This festival is celebrated after the two days of deepawali. Bhai dooj festival is also known as Bhai-Tika and Bhatri-Ditya etc. It is festival of love and happiness between brother & sister. On this day married sister come their family and celebrate this festival with happiness.

Early morning sister wear new cloth and prepeir pooja for their brother and performed aarti of their brother on this day. All sister look like happy on this day. The brother give their sister sweets, chocolates and gifts on this day.

women and girls make sweet dish and delicious food at home for their family and specially their brother. Then at evening time all of family members get together and take food.

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