Another hindu Festival of Brother and Sister – Bhai Dooj :

Bhai Dooj is one of the most auspicious days of celebration during five day festival of Diwali in the country of India. Bhai

Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj

Dooj is a celebration of love between brother and sister. This is the festival observe each of the year after second day of full moon day or after second day of main Diwali or Mahalaxmi Puja day.

This festival is a sign of bond of love between sisters and brothers. They celebrate this day to strengthen their relationship and love.

Sisters puts Tilak on the foreheads of their brother and fed sweets to them and brothers give some of gifts with good blessings to their sisters. Each of the years the festival of Bhai Dooj celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy among people. On this day sisters and brothers enjoy with ritual acts and performances. During that time people adorned their house well with flowers and with rangoli patterns. They wore new and colorful cloths. They prepare delicious foods for entire family. They enjoy as like picnic.

Date of Bhai Dooj in 2013: 5 Novomber

Bhai Dooj is a major celebration of Diwali festival and it celebrated in all corners of India. this is a bond of love among brothers and sisters.

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Bhai Dooj Festival Traditions:

Bhai Dooj Festival is the celebration of bond of a brother and a sister. This is a beautiful occasion where one can observe the bond of love and affection shared by a brother and his sister. Indian culture has given due importance to values and traditions that should be followed with each festival, irrespective of the regional differences and adaptations of any festival.

Bhai Dooj is an example of such a festival that endorses the importance of family and family values and ties between family members. Bhai Dooj is especially subjective to a relationship between a brother and sister.

Bhai Dooj is celebrated the day after Diwali with complete rituals and pooja and sweets. A sister wakes up early in the morning to decorate her pooja thali with different kinds of sweets, rice and roli and also Coconut, which is the most important part the thali. Each member of the family has to perform pooja with the diya’s that were decorated and used for Diwali, and after which the brothers are made to sit in front of their sisters for the ceremony.

The brothers are made to cover their heads, and the sister applies tikka on the brother’s forehead. This is followed by sisters present the brother with coconut and sweets. The brother in turn, if he wants to, gives a gift to his sister. Usually the gifts are the things that the sister has expressed a desire to have or sometimes the brothers think it is wise to give the sisters money so that she can buy anything that she would like to have.

This tradition is followed because of the history behind it where Lord Krishna after killing Narakasur went to visit his sister Subhadra, who welcomed him by applying tikka on his forehead to mark his victory. Festivals like Bhai Dooj encompass the feeling of love and respect and affection for our family and near and dear ones. See a photo here from Indian hindu family where they celebrating bhai dooj.

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