Bhai Dooj Festival of Brother and Sister:

Bhai Dooj festival is the celebration of brother and sister. This day is signifies the strong and pure relationship between brother and sister of India. Bhai Dooj festival falls after two days of diwali. As name signifies Bhai as brother

Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj

and Dooj is as second day of new moon or two days after diwali Festival. Bhai Dooj is celebrated with lots of joy and bloom. Hindu people celebrates this festival across the world.

According to legends Yama – god of death, visit her sister Yami on this day. Yami decorated her house with light and flowers. She prepares special dishes and sweets to welcome her brother.

She apply “Tilak” or “Teeka” on the forehead of Yama. then yama bless Yami for her life time security and also announced that whoever has “Teeka” on the forehead from his sister will have prosperity and immortality.

So on this day sister decorate her house with lights and flowers. They prepare food according to the choice of brother. Ladies and sisters of home arrange aarti and make “Tilak’ with rice on the forehead of her brothers. Brother give (more…)

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Bhai-dooj Festival is celebrated all over the India. This festival is celebrated after the two days of Diwali. It is festival of love and happiness between brother & sister. On this day Indian married women goes to their brother house and celebrated this festival with great enjoy.

Many girls observe fast on this day for their brother. Early morning sister wear new cloth and prepeir pooja for their brother and performed aarti of their brother on this day. The brother give their sister sweets, chocolates and gifts on this day. All the sisters look like a very happy on this day. They pray for their brother long life and prosperity.

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