Dadu Dayal is one of the major saints of Rajasthan. He was born in Ahmadabad in the year of 1544 but spent his life in the state of Rajasthan as like a home. He was the saint who belongs to lower cast as Kabir belongs to. Dadu Dayal was a foster son of Lodhi Ram belongs to Ahmadabad. Lodhi Ram found his in the flow of Sabarmati River. He spent his most of the time of life in Rajasthan as a cotton carder. He had taken the Samadhi in the year of 1603 at Naraina the place of Jaipur district of Rajasthan.

Dadu Dayal represents himself as an individual following the Nirguna Saint traditions in Northern parts of India. He gathered people along with him and made a community which is now known as the name of Dadu Panth. In Ahmadabad there is a religious place at Kankaria Lake which is named as Dadu Dayal Dham.

Dadu Dayal was one of the great saints who spent his whole life for teaching the people to religious thoughts about the spiritual power and welfare of people. There were 100 of disciple of Dadu Dayal who followed and spread out among people the teaching and salvation of Dadu Dayal.

Dadu Dayal Jayanti In 2011 at India: 13th March

As like the previous years Indians will celebrate the (more…)

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