Bodhi day is a Buddhist holiday held on 8th December in every year. Bodhi day is a sacred festival of Buddha Religion. Bodhi day is celebrated by the people of Buddha Religion in the memory of Lord Buddha’s discovery of four Aryan truth and enlightenment. After that he called as a “Mahatma Buddha”.

In childhood, Buddha had named Siddhartha. Siddhartha was the son of king Shuddhodan and queen Mahamaya. When Siddhartha was born, king Shuddhodan called ‘Brahmans’ to forecast his future. Brahmans predict that Siddhartha will be a great ‘Yogi or Bishop’.

But king Shuddhodan want that Siddhartha become a ruler of his kingdom. But when Siddhartha had seen four incidents of life- an old man, a sick man, a dead man and a yogi. After that Siddhartha gave up his palace and all his desires. Siddhartha also gave up his wife Yashodhara and his son Rahul. Siddhartha went into the forest for the discovery of truth of life and illumination. After the long meditation under the peepal tree. Siddhartha discovered four Aryan truth of life and he experienced illumination. Now, he became Mahatma Gautama Buddha. Peepal tree known as a ‘Bodhi Tree’.

Bodhi Day In Year 2012:-

  • Date of the bodhi day is 8 December 2012.

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Bodhi day is celebrated by people of Buddha Religion. Mahatma Gautama Buddha is a lord of Buddha Religion. Buddha’s childhood name was Siddhartha. Siddhartha was live in Kapilvastu. Bodhi day is the day when Siddhartha discovered the four universal truth of life. From that day Siddhartha is called as a ‘Lord Gautama Buddha’.

Buddhist Monetary Leh

A Look at Buddhist Monetary Leh

The Four Aryan Truths:

After the four incidents of Siddhartha’s life, he became a monk to find human suffers. After the long meditation, Siddhartha found the four Aryan truth of life. The four Aryan truths are in the following :-

1. Nature of sorrow (Dukh)-
We have many sorrows or suffer in life like aging, illness, disease, pain etc.

2. Suffers Cause (Craving)-
Siddhartha found that every man has a suffer in life.

3. Nirvana –
Siddhartha found the universal truth of death. Death is only a way to save from suffers.

4. Dukkh Nirodh Path –
Siddhartha found the eight path of end of suffering. Eight paths are in the following-
correct vision
correct purpose
correct tongue
correct event
correct livelihood
correct efforts
correct mindfulness
correct attention

Bodhi Day In Year 2012:

Date of the bodhi day is 8 December 2012.

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