Buddhism is a religion. Buddhism is based on teachings of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha, it is about 2500 years old dharma. This religion is followed by 350 million Buddhists worldwide. Siddhartha Gautam was sitting under a boddhi tree, when he had first three enlightened revelations.

The most common Buddhism symbol is the Buddha’s footprint. It is a religion about suffering & the need is to get rid of it. The concept of Buddhism is Nirvana, a state without suffering.

Buddhist path can be defined as:

  • To lead a moral life
  • To develop understanding
  • To be aware of actions

Real Buddhism is very tolerant & not concerned with ‘Christian’, ‘Muslim’, ‘Hindu’, and ‘Buddhist’.

Buddhism Symbol:



Buddhism Symbols are the Buddha’s footprint. The footprints of the Buddha represent the body of the Lord. Symbols are swastikas, lotuses & dharma wheels. The footprints exist in India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka & Singapore.

  1. Wheel of Life: It represents the cycle of life, death & rebirth. The Buddha taught about eight ways of life. It is also called as Dharma. It is wheel of the law.
  2. The Lotus Flower: It represents purity & divine birth. It rises in mud at the bottom of a pool, but rises above to become beautiful flower. It means that in life nothing is impossible. It can be any color except blue.
  3. Swastika: It is a well known good luck symbol from India. In India, Hindu uses the swastika to mark the doors, account books. The right hand swastika is a solar symbol. It is favorite symbol. It is found in Mayan & Navajo art.
  4. Stupa:  It is a monument where the ashes of the holy monk are kept.
  5. Triratana: The three jewels – the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha.
  6. Chattra:  A protection against all evil.
  7. Dhvaja: The victory of the Buddha’s teachings.
  8. Deer: The Buddha which was held in the deer park of Benares.
  9. Naga: The snake king. It is protector of the Buddha and the Dhamma.

Buddha’s Teachings:

The Buddha teaching is divided into three parts:

1. The Three Signs of being are:

Change- It means nothing in the world is fixed or permanent. We ourselves are not the same people either physically, mentally and emotionally.

Suffering- the Buddhist believes that life is all suffering. They believe that there is a joy in life, but cannot be all joy thus life must be suffering.

No ‘I’- It means more difficult. There is nothing everlasting or unchangeable in human beings no soul or self.

2. The Four Noble Truths-

Dukkha- It is one of the three signs of being the other being.  Annatta-no permanent self.

Samudaya- Dukkha is seen as originating in Tanha, a craving that cannot be satisfied- results in rebirth. (more…)

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Buddhism is one of the major religions followed in the world today. The religion took birth about 2,500 years ago in Indian subcontinent when Siddhartha Gautama discovered the art of bringing happiness into the world.

The Enlightened Buddha:

Gautama was born in 566 BC in Kapilavastu to parents King Suddhodhana and Queen Maya. Soon after his birth, the wise men made predictions of him becoming Buddha.

This prediction disturbed his father who then decided to make his palace such a lively place that Gautama never leaves it. But all his efforts were in vain because Gautama left the palace after he travelled across the world four times. Gautama has become disillusioned with the worldly pleasures soon after his marriage to Princess Yashodhara and he decided to travel across the world to see the real world.

During his first three trips to world, Gautama has seen sickness, old age, and death that hurt him but during his fourth trip he came across a monk. This monk who had left all pleasures and luxuries of life to seek an end to all miseries in this world and this person inspired Gautama to become like him. He then became a wandering monk and led a life of hardships for six years. On a full moon night while he was meditating under Bodhi tree, he was lured by Mara, an evil force but Gautama defeated all virtues one by one. He then realized what the root cause of misery in world was and how he could remove it and thus he became Buddha.

Buddha then taught the world that nothing is lost in this world and energy turns into matter and vice versa. Similarly, if we destroy someone we destroy ourselves. So, if we cheat someone we cheat ourselves. He taught the world that nothing is constant and that everything is changing.

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