Kali Chaturdashi is a festival which celebrated each of the years of the second day of Diwali festival. This is a day when people worshiped goddess of power or Shakti called Mother Kali. Goddess Kali is a sing of power that appeared on the earth to remove or destroy evils and worst. Kali Chaturdashi observes on the fourteenth day of Krishna Paksha on Aswin month of Hindu calendar. Kali Chaturdashi is also known as Narka Chaturdashi in India.

As Narka Chaturdashi :

Kali Chaturdashi is also celebrated as a day of Narka Chaturdashi festival or occasion on second day of five days celebration of Diwali festival. There is a ritual or religious story behind this Narka Chaturdashi. On the day of Narka Chaturdashi lord Krishna Killed a demon named Narka and spoiled his all evils from earth. After killing of demon Narka lord Krishna taken an oil bath to remove blood from his body. So people on this day take a bath from oil and perform ritual acts of this day.

Kali Chaturdashi in 2013: 2 Novomber

it is a major day because this day will not be celebrated as Kali Chaturdashi festival but also for Narka Chaturdashi. This day will also be major day for Hindu religion because it is the day of festival of Roop Chaudas the second day of celebration of Diwali festival in India.

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