Nehru Trophy Boat Race Held on 2nd Saturday of August month every year in Alappuzha of India. It is named after our first prime minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru came to this city and he inaugurated this Boat Race here In year 1952. So after that occasion this annual function never stopped and famous for it’s long boat race. These snake boats are too long and over one hundred people can site in them.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race Photos :

These boats are 130 to 150 feet long. participants sits in this in a long row which goes to about 100 people in a line. they all try to win the race here. the snake boat race is so excitement here and thus people from all over come to join this festival here. these snake boats are also called as ‘Chundan‘ here.

A big trophy to be awarded every year to the winner team. after that first trophy was given by Mr. Nehru it was named as “Nehru Trophy Boat Race”. many of foreign tourists also come to watch this amazing boat race here.

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