World Music Day is a celebration to enjoy the world of music in all around the world. World Music Day firstly started in France and declared the date of 21st of June each of the year as the World Music Day that it spread out in all over the world. World Music Day is a performance night of music. This is the day which is founded to enhance the awareness of various musical forms of the world during the night among people.

World Music Day in India also celebrated each of the years. Musical world of India celebrated each of the years in the country with assistant of melodious of masters of music from the other part of the world. During the day of World Music various performances organizes in front of thousands of people. Music is the life and it have to a new theme for this musical celebration of World Music Day in India and in the all world.

World Music Day in Year 2012 : 21 June

As like each year in India World Music Day also celebrated with great and fabulous joys. In year 2012 it will be celebrate as on the date of 21st of June among the numerous people who want to be a member of this celebration in India.

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