Chaitra month is the first month of Hindu calendar. It is assumed that lord Brahma start to create universe on this day. He creates planets, enviourment, Ritus (sessions) and rain for proper balance between born and finish.

Worshiping Hindu God and Goddess :

First day of this month is celebrated as Hindu Nav Varsh day. Due to some important rituals and festivals this month is very important in Hindu month calendar. Some special days or festivals in this holy month are as follows :-

Ugadi – Telgu’s and Kannada’s new year day celebrated in south region of India especially in tamilnadu and Kerala.

Gudi Padwa – Maharashtra’s new year day celebrated by maratas.

Cheti Chand – New year day of sindhi people.

Chaitra Navratra – Nine day celebration of maa Durga in Chaitra month is significance of rituals, fasting and devotion.

Ram Navami – Birth day of God Shree Ram is celebrated by devotees. Vrat and bhajan are performance at temples of God Shree ram.

Hanuman Jayanti – The best server of God shree ram and Strongest or powerful god Hanuman’s birthday is celebrated as hanuman Jayanti. Vrat and rituals are performed by devotees for better health (more…)

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