Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti

Chaturmas is an auspicious time of Jain religion. This is an occasion to spread out the thoughts of Jainism in country. Chaturmas is a month to spread out the good acts among the people of various parts of country.

It is one of important occasions of Jain religion in all over the India. During that time some of Gurus of Jain religion moved one village to another village for their spiritual speeches.

Chaturmas starts in the month of Ashadh of Hindu calendar. this year it will be begin with a grate charm in jaini people . This is a very ritual and religious time for the people belongs to this religion. They are the follower of Buddhism and believed in peace and humanity feelings. Chaturmas Start is the time to spread out the feelings of humanity and peace among people.


Chaturmas occasion of Jain religion is one of the main religious time or time of festival for the follower of jainism in all over country. so they follows this whole month according to ritual acts.

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