Christmas Celebration In New Zealand:

There is summer time in New Zeeland on Christmas. They like to spend their summer holydays on beaches. They do this to relaxing their body from coldly and snowy winter period. New Zeeland is very cold city but there is no snow on Christmas. Christmas tradition is comes here in 18th century by European People. This celebration is quit important and holy for kiwis.

People decorate their shops, Houses and streets with images of Father Christmas with Red Cloak and snow scenes. “Pohutokawa” is Christmas tree here to decorate with colorful lights, Presents and other artificial things. Celebration started with Christmas dinner that includes Turkey roast with vegetables, souses, plum pudding and most important “Pavlova”. People enjoy parties at beach and beach resorts within their family on Christmas.

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Christmas Celebrations In Holland:

Holland or Netherland is a beautiful country. Like other part of world Christmas is main celebration here. Dutch people start to celebrate this celebration on arrival of St. Nicholas before 4 Sunday of Christmas. People start to make preparation for Christmas celebration.

They start to decorate their house with flowers, colorful lights, candles and other artificial things. Decorating Christmas tree is basic part of this celebration. Amsterdam is the best place to visit on Christmas here. St. Nicholas visit this city with snowy white horse within full of gifts sack. He distributes these gifts to the children’s. People from all over the world come here to meet St. Nicholas.

Blowing horns on every evening in Christmas session is a unique activity in Holland by farmers. People go to church within their family. Eating delicious “letterbanket” – a family cake, drinking (more…)

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