Christmas Wedding Reception Ideas :

The Christmas wedding charm is based on your wedding reception. Wedding reception preparations require much more care and planning for best results. It should follow your Christmas theme while the excitement and fun should explore the party. Decorate your party place within Christmas related things and involve wedding parts at same level. Your wedding reception should keep your guest busy in enjoyment and fun.

A best activity on Christmas wedding reception could to call Santa clause in your reception on Christmas night. It will not only make children happy but also bring a holly smile on the face on your guests. Dancing from new wedding couple will make your reception romantic. A funny game could be played by married couple for having fun. Funny activities related chits can be put inside the transparent


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Play Rudolph Game On Christmas:

Christmas celebration is not just fun, music, dancing and gifting. Christmas games are also key part of Christmas celebration. There are many games to play on Christmas Eve. These games include all kind of persons that are kids, youngsters, middle age and old one. All celebrate Christmas Eve by Christmas games with each level o excitement. Rudolf “the red nose reindeer” is one of the main game of Christmas celebration.

Rudolf is the animal that pulls the Santa’s slag that’s filling-up with Christmas gifts. So this game contains the festive significance also. Following things are required to play this game-

1. Circles cut out of red construction paper
2. Vaseline

How to play:-

Using Vaseline has each S, put a red circle on their nose. In teams, relay race to the finish with each new person adding their red nose. If the nose falls off the S must go back to the bowl and add more Vaseline to reapply their nose.

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