Indian culture has its unique and important values across the world. Festivals are the important and main part of the culture. Each and every festival has unique reason and legend behind that.

Festivals are celebrated in different manner in different part and religion of the country. In Hindu religion Diwali is main festival. This five days festival celebrated with full of joy and devotion. Goddess Lakshmi is the central point and head of this festival. She is giver of wealth and prosperity.


When is Diwali this Year :

This celebration has strong legend and stories behind for its all five days. Each day is associated with a unique purpose. First day of celebration “Dhan – Teras” is day for worshiping wealth related things like Money, Ornaments etc. second day is “Roop – Choudas” of the festival.

Third day is actual Celebration “Diwali” itself. “Goverdhan – Pooja” is the next day of Diwali is associated with (more…)

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Diwali The Festival of Lights:



Diwali is one of best festival of Hindus celebrated across the country. This five day festival is actually dedicated and worship for goddess Lakshmi. Each day has its own importance of this festival.

This festival is significance of pure and cleanness also. There are many legends behind this festival. It is said that people of Ayodya celebrate the victory of lord Ram over demon Ravan on returning of him on this day. Lighting Deepak and firing firecrackers are the uniqueness of this festival.

Festival starts with “Dhan – Teras” Pooja two days before diwali. On this day worshiping of Money and Ornaments is performed by the devotees. “Roop – Choudas” is the second last day of Diwali festival. This day is significance of beauty. So people make-up themselves on this day for better looking. “Diwali” is third day of this five day celebration.

On this day goddess laxmi is worshiped by devotees for better wealth and prosperity. Next day of diwali is (more…)

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