Diwali or deepawali is the most popular festival of India, proudly celebrated in the extravaganza of five days. Deepawali is also known as the Festival of Lights as Deepawali means diyas lighted in rows and rows.

Deepawali The Light Festival of India :

Deepawali is an official holiday and the Indians celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. All the festivals of India are linked up with a god or goddess and Deepawali is no different. Lord Rama returned to his kingdom of Ayodha after an exile of forty years along with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman after killing Raavan, the evil demon. Return of Lord Rama signified the victory of good over evil. This day was celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness by lighting diyas in abundance and bursting fire crackers.

The spirit of Deepawali bursts out every year with all its glory and the heritage of our culture is flaunted and prided upon. People all over India decorate their houses, buy new clothes, prepare sumptuous meals, exchange gifts and are joyful and elated during these magical 5 days.

Deepawali may be celebrated in different parts of India a little differently but the soul of these 5 days of rejoicing is the same throughout India. Deepawali is awaited every year by young and old alike. The children enjoy the most by wearing new clothes, eating tasty sweets, lighting diyas, bursting fire crackers, helping their elders to decorate the house etc.

The women shine with all their fine silks and saris and jewellery. The spirit of Deepawali is unmatched and will remain so till eternity. Many gods and goddesses are worshipped during this 5 day festivity of Deepawali. The Indians believe that if they celebrate Deepawali with all the purity of their inner self and the outer self, the Goddess of Wealth – Lakshmi will bless them and shower them with wealth.

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