Lakshmi Maa

Lakshmi Maa

Deepavali is one of the major festivals of India or we can say the biggest celebration of India. This day of Deepawali is such an auspicious day of celebration in country.

This day of Deepavali is also known as the festival of lights. On this day lord Rama reached to Ayodhya back after his fourteen years exile. He came back to home after killing demon Rawan.

This was the day which celebrated as a most auspicious day in Ayodhya. People lighted thousands of lamps in and out of their houses to welcome lord Rama sita and Laxman. This day of Deepavali is celebrated with worship of goddess Laxmi for good health and wealth.

Mahalaxmi Puja :

Mahalaxmi Puja is a major act of this day of Deepavali. Deepavali is a celebration of happiness and prosperity. This festival of Deepavali observes on the fourteenth day of Kartik month of Hindu or Indian calendar. On this day people worship goddess Laxmi with lord Ganesha. People worshiped lord Ganesha because he is first worship deity. People wore new cloth on this day. They arranged sweets from markets or made in home. They arrange a Puja of goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha. They also go to temples for worshipping of Mahalaxmi.

Deepavali In Year 2014 : 23 Oct. 

Deepavali celebrated each of the year with great feelings of joyous and enthusiasm. It is the day when India looks most lighted or well decorated from space.

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