India is known as country of festivals. People celebrate festival according to their religion and area. In Hindu religion diwali is very famous festival. This festival has strong legends and lots of devotion for goddess laxmi. Goddess laxmi is the giver of wealth and prosperity.

When is Diwali This Year :



So many people start their new business and activities on this festival. This festival requires more preparation for proper execution and results. Painting, cleaning and repairing of House start the celebration of five days.

This is five day celebration starts with “Dhan – Teras” pooja. On this day lord Kuber –the cashier of gods and wealth related things are worshiped by people. Next day is known as “Roop – Choudas”. This day is significance of beauty. Third day of this festival is “Diwali” itself.

Goddess laxmi is worshiped on this day for better wealth and prosperity. “Goverdhan – Pooja” is next day celebration of Diwali. (more…)

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