Indian culture has its unique and important values across the world. Festivals are the important and main part of the culture. Each and every festival has unique reason and legend behind that.

Festivals are celebrated in different manner in different part and religion of the country. In Hindu religion Diwali is main festival. This five days festival celebrated with full of joy and devotion. Goddess Lakshmi is the central point and head of this festival. She is giver of wealth and prosperity.


When is Diwali this Year :

This celebration has strong legend and stories behind for its all five days. Each day is associated with a unique purpose. First day of celebration “Dhan – Teras” is day for worshiping wealth related things like Money, Ornaments etc. second day is “Roop – Choudas” of the festival.

Third day is actual Celebration “Diwali” itself. “Goverdhan – Pooja” is the next day of Diwali is associated with (more…)

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Diwali the Lights Festival:

Diwali is the best ever festival of Hindu people. Many legends are behind celebrating this festival. This five day rajasthan-diwalifestival includes unique and special significance of each of the day. Celebration of Diwali starts on Dhan Teras followed by Roop Choudas, Laxmi Pooja, Goverdhan Pooja and Bhai Dooj.

Each day of this Diwali festival has its own significance and importance in Hindu religion. People clean their house and paint them with proper colors, they decorate the home also.

First day of Diwali celebration is Dhan Teras. On this day women apply paste of water, Cowdung of cow at holy and wealthy place like traditional old Chulha and Place of Pooja. worshiping to Lord Kuber and Lakshmi Maa aka Money are performed in night times. Second day Roop Choudas is celebrated for being beautiful.

Third day is main day of this Diwali festival called Laxmi pooja performed on the day of Amavasya. Goddess Laxmi is (more…)

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