Ganga Puja is the celebration of the birth of Mother Ganga in India. Ganga Puja is a celebration or a festival which come after Navanna festival of Tripura. Navanna is a festival in Tripura for new rice in the state.

Ganga is one of the fourteen religious deities of Tripura. Ganga Puja is also known as Ganga Saptmi. This is the festival which celebrated for the day when the great river Ganga descended on the earth. In the year of 2012 it will be celebrated with full of joy. This is the day which is also called as Jahnu Saptmi. Mother Ganga is descended on the earth on the seventh day of Sukla Paksh in the month of Vaishakha according to Hindu calendar.

There is a myth of birth of Mother Ganga that it war originated from the matted locks of lord Shiva and flown on the great Himalaya. In Haridwar and other religious places on that day people worship the mother Ganga with ritual acts. People performed various acts for making happy to Mother Ganga for blessing of batter luck and peace. People engage to do in fast for whole of the day.

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