The occasion of diwali is the starts of the new journey for the fabulous life in future because on this day the good had won against the evil. This is the day of goodness and happiness to show the respect to the Lord Rama. It is not only the time of joy but also it is the time of prayer and attention to the rules and regulation made by the Lord Rama by proved his character and courage.

In the current time we are celebrating the festival according to the facilities available now days. In current time we come to our home at evening of the festival night and be prepare with the new cloths. Then go to the pooja room of goddess laxmi and prays her for the wealth and success. After it we enjoy with lights decorations and firecracker to share our feeling.

Date of Diwali In Year 2017 : 19th October

But at the evening of diwali festival night of October 19, 2017 Thursday what we will do to celebrate this occasion? And what will be the situation?

Really these some above questions are make us much more searcher or we can say hunger of future imagination. We can take it as a major part of the diwali night in 2017. On this day we will use the new decorative styles and new tools or alternate for diwali fashion and for firecrackers.

Whatever will be the situation of the diwali festival in year 2017, we will (more…)

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