The festival of diwali illuminates the darkness at the moon night and makes strong our relations with our relatives and friends. The festival is the symbol of our old culture relates to victory and presents itself as a glorious mythological past of India. On this day thousands of lamps and decorative electric items make a world of fantasy.

The Diwali Festival In Year 2018 : 7th November

The celebration of the great Indian culture will be very sharp and will make very beautiful to celebrate it. It will be celebrate according to the requirement of year 2018. May be in the year 2018 it will be very good-looking rather than today. On this days according to the festival tradition people go to the temple and pray to god for their future and comfortable life.

And enjoy with the celebration with the all sufficient process of the festival requirement. So in the festival of diwali at the year of 2018 they should have to also follow the all requirement (more…)

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