Diwali Celebrations In Belgium:

Belgium is located in Western Europe. A perfect country with low population and good natural recourses covers with 40 mi seacoast on the north side.

Country is famous for its high productivity and less poverty. Life styles and standards are too high here. Festival celebration here includes true values. Diwali here is celebrated by Indian community with lots of enthusiasm and fun like in India.

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Diwali Festival In Switzerland:

Diwali is the best ever celebration for Hindus. They celebrate this festival mainly in India and outside with great enthusiasm and lots of traditions. In beautiful country of Switzerland Diwali is celebrated by Indian communities. Maratha Mandal is a group or community of the people from state Maharashtra, India.

Maratha Mandal celebrates many Indian customs throughout the year. They celebrate Maharashtra Din, Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali specially. Now Maratha Mandal announced to celebrate this festival at two places one is Zurich and second one is Geneva. So if you are in Switzerland then you can enjoy full tradition and festivity of Diwali over these two places on the Day of Diwali.

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