Before months or weeks people started decorating their houses with a choice of Diwali decorative items. Cleaning and decorating of house is a universal idea in all India at this time.

The main reflection around it is that goddess Laxmi visited only cleaned and decked houses. The festival of Diwali demands for decorative items to get ready for welcoming of Laxmi.

There are some Diwali decorative items to decorate our houses as followings:–

Lighting of Diyas and Lamps:

Diwali is also known as the name of lights. At this time people decorated their houses with various design of lamps, diyas and candle. In that time most of branded items also available in market to alternating diyas.

Hanging Items on Walls:

People can decorate their house by hanging posters, hanging items related to Ganesha and goddess Laxmi and many more which can enhance the shinning of walls.

Door Hanging Items:

On this occasion people get ready doors of houses by torans, leaves and marigold flowers. The decoration of doors is essential for welcome or lord laxmi.

Rangoli Items:

In front of doors people make some colorful design of Rangoli to make goddess happy and to attract her.

In current time in market their so many colorful decorative items are available for Rangoli.

Diwali Paintings:

Diwali painting is also an advantage to enhance diwali decoration and make our home so beautiful and pretty. In markets special diwali paintings are available such as paintings of goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha.

Above type of Diwali decorative items are just an example of decorative items. We can decorate our home through our imagination or can new decorative items at home too.

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