Diwali Sweets Recipies To Make at Home:

Diwali is a one and majestic festival of Hindus. Most of the women like to prepare sweets in their home because they pure and fresh. There are various kinds of sweets in the market and prepare at the home in which some famous are like Bengali Sweets, Besan Laddu (made from gram flour), Milk made sweets and Soan Papadi etc.

Many people like to send Besan Laddu and Sohan Papdi because it is dry and long time running sweet send as a gift pack to their relative. These sweets can easily make at home and are very purer than market. There are some recipes on this occasion of Diwali to make delicious and pure sweets at home.


Ingredients :

500 Gram besan, gram flour

500 gm sugar

200 gm ghee

1 tea spoon green cardamom(elaichi) powdered

How To Make:

Put the ghee into the small Kadahi and heat the ghee, unless warms up or smokes, then lower the heat. Add the besan (gram flour) and fry on a medium hotness until it gets golden brown (well roasted).

Take it off the fire for two or four minutes and add the sugar.

When it is cooled to a well to do temperature, grease your palms with ghee and construct the mixture into balls. Set aside to cool and harden. Store in air-tight containers.

  • Soan Papdi


1 1/4 cup Gram Flour

1 1/4 cup Maida

250 grams Ghee

2 1/2 cups Sugar

1 1/2 cup Water

2 table spoon Milk

1/2 tea spoon Cardamom powdered

4″ squares cut from a thin polythene sheet.

How To Make:

1. Sieve both flours together.

2. Heat ghee in a heavy cooking utensil. Conclude flour mixture and roast on low till light golden. Keep aside to cool a little, stirring occasionally.

3. Make ready syrup at the same time. Make syrup out of sugar, water and milk. Bring syrup to 20/2 thread thickness.

4. Pour at once into the flour mixture. Beat well with a large fork till the mixture forms thready flakes.

5. Pour onto a greased surface or thali and roll to 1″ thickness lightly. Mix the elaichi and softly press down with palm.

6. Cool, cut into 1″ squares, wrap individually into square pieces of flimsy plastic cover. Store in an airtight packet

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