Diwali celebration is best ever in festival culture of Hindu. On this day Lord Ram (Legend god of Hindu) came to Ayodhya after making victory over Ravan (King Of lanka). People of Ayodya Lights “Deepak” (small Pot of mud) of “Gee” (oily Product Of milk) for welcoming their king. So this festival is also known as “festival-of-deepak (lights)”. This festival is celebrated across the cuntry with great exitment and full of Joy on Amavasya (Night Without Moon) of Holy Month kartik.

People starts to celebrate this festival by Applying Rangoli and Various Designes at the doorstep, write holy sentence like Subh-Diwali at the doorstep and outside wall of house by early morning. Women cook special sweets and delicious thing for Lunch and dinner. At evening people lights Deepak on rangoli and doorstep of house and also lights deepak at every Temple nearer about them specially temple of goddess Laxmi.A Grand level pooja and worship is arranged at night according to “Shubh-Muhurat”( Good time to start).

Diwali Wallpapers :

diwali wallpaper

diwali wallpaper


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Diwali is a famous festival which is known as festival of lights in India. For this day people prepare from a long time, they clean their house and paint with various colors then they decorate walls, doors and every corner of home with Decorative items.

They also put images of goddess laxmi and ganesha for Pooja. Some people like to set wallpaper and pictures of goddess laxmi and light lamp on their computer desktop or screen.

There are many wallpapers and images on Internet you can choose best picture and you can set on your computer screen on this diwali festival. Many people like to change Wallpapers and Images on special occasion like diwali and Dusshera etc.

Some of Best Diwali Wallpapers :

Happy diwali wallpaper
endless pursuit...

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