Mahavir Jayanti is entirely dedicated to lord Mahavir Swami. He was the twenty fourth tirthankar of Jainism. Mahavir Jayanti is observed in the month of Chaitra. He is also known as a father of Jain philosophy. A spiritual holiday is celebrated on this day. Swetambara supposed that he was bear in 599 BC and Digambara believe that it was in 615 BC.

Before the birth of Mahavir swasmi, his mother had seen sixteen dreams. He was born at 4 am that is supposed extremely auspicious in Hinduism and Jainism. His mothers sixteen dreams are given in the below-

Dreams Of Trishala:

  • First Dream – In her first dream she saw a white elephant.
  • Second Dream – She saw a lion.
  • Third Dream – She was bathing from flowers by Goddess Lakshmi with two elephants.
  • Fourth Dream – She saw that the moon illuminating the Universe with shiny rays.
  • Fifth Dream – She saw a couple of jumping fish.
  • Sixth Dream – She saw the shimmering sun, a golden jug.
  • Seventh Dream – She observed a lake that is filled with lotus flowers.
  • Eighth Dream – She saw a silent sea of milk.
  • Ninth Dream – A luxurious palace

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