In southern part of India Durga Puja is celebrated in very well manner. The festival of Durga Puja is celebrated  and the famous Durgashtami will celebrated mostly by Hindu women at homes and Goddess Durga temples.

Durga Puja :

The pooja process on the occasion of durgastami festival is as follows. you can watch this video it is very helpful to understand all the pooja process.

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All the Hindus perform puja or pooja almost every day either in the temples of their homes or in their vicinities. This is the process of worshipping the idols of Gods and Goddesses. But most of the Hindus are not aware about the significance of pooja or they are not aware about the ways to perform a proper pooja.

About Puja and Hindu Worships :

A pooja is usually performed to harness the cosmic energy for the purpose of achieving spiritual or materialistic goals. There are some specific pujas that are performed at special occasions. For example, the satyanarayan pooja is performed to mark some special event in a person’s life or as a housewarming pooja.

Some poojas are complicated to perform and therefore they require the services of a priest or a purohit to perform the puja.  On the other hand there are some poojas that can be performed by every person as there is no need to read the elaborate scriptures. Any person can perform these pujas in the household. Almost all the poojas include a gesture of joining two hands – known as Namaste. This simple gesture symbolizes union of spiritual and mundane nature of a person. All poojas need to be performed only after bathing.

In most cases, the eldest son or the owner of the house performs the main pooja of a house but there are so set rules to determine who can perform the pooja and therefore all in the family can perform a pooja. This is true when the pooja is performed at home. When a pooja is held in a temple, the pujari or the priest performs the pooja. This is because the entry to inner chamber of deity is restricted and only the pujari is allowed to enter the chamber. Each puja involves five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound.

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