Easter Sunday or Easter Day is also known as the name of Resurrection Sunday or Resurrection Day. Easter is a feast of Christ Jesus time. There is a myth among the people belongs to Christian religion that on Easter Sunday Jesus Christ rose form his dead. This was the third day after crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Easter is a movable feast and which has a mean of the feast not fixed during the civil calendar.

Here is a good song which is made on the theme of Easter celebration from a famous Hindi film.

Easter Sunday is one of the great celebrations of Christians and it celebrated after a long period of 40 days of worshiping and fasting. According to the people belongs to Christian religion who believed that they have to prepare themselves as spiritual dead by a long spiritual struggle. On the day of Easter Sunday they want to meet to Jesus Christ and wants to raise again the Jesus form dead.

  • Easter Sunday In 2014 : 20 April

Easter Sunday is the time when people from  (more…)

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The country of India is a world famous nation not only for its uniqueness or its biggest population after the population of china or its area but also it is famous for its system of society and religion. It is the country of various religions. It is a different country from other parts of the world.

All of the religion can celebrate their own festivals and religious occasions. As like the each of the months there are the following festivals which will be celebrate in the month of April of year 2012.

Indian Festivals In April 2012:

  • 01 April : Ram Navmi
  • 05 April :  Mahavir Jayanti
  • 06 April : Hanuman Jayanti
  • 06 April :  Good Friday
  • 08 April : Palm Sunday
  • 08 April : Easter (Western)
  • 12  April : Bikrami Samvat (Hindu New Year)
  • 13  April : Baisakhi
  • 15  April : Easter
  • 24  April : Akshay Tritiya

All of above are the festivals which will be celebrated in the month of April in year 2012. this is the month of spring season in India and time for joyous and mud of celebration. It is the time of happy moments which enhance due to the celebration of above festivals of India in the month of April, 2012.

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