Environment Friendly Diwali:

The festival of diwali is the oldest festival of India than the other festival. It is celebrated by the people in the joy of victory of lord Rama over the demon Ravan. It is the festival of lights and joy in India. On this day the god Rama was return to Ayodhya after victory.

On the occasion of diwali people enjoy it by various types of elements such as firecrackers, electricity and noisy things etc. All of these elements create so many problems for the environment such as firecrackers creates air pollution and noise pollution; the use of electricity creates the lake of electricity for the further uses etc.

Now, how we can celebrate this diwali eco-friendly to reduce such types of problems. For this we can use so many ideas as like, we can enjoy the use of firecracker in community withought the use of chemical firecracker to cut down the air and noise pollution. We have to use Diyas on this day more than the electric items to save the energy. Cut down your purchasing budget to reduce the demand of such types of things to avoid this pollution. Make your this Diwali happy and Eco-friendly with the poor children to give them joy and smile.

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